Stronger. Smarter. Safer.

Introducing a smarter way to lift.


Power. Clean.

FitCube seamlessly attaches to any barbell and sends data to your phone. It uses sensors to track performance metrics and form, lowering the risk of injury and maximizing your workout.

So all you have to do is perform.


For personal trainers

Work smarter and harder

Help your athletes achieve their goals sooner by letting FitCube analyze data over a set of reps. Instantly see exactly where there is room for improvement.


 For CrossFitters

Add some metrics to your metcon

Introduce a little more variety by using FitCube to keep your power between a desired interval for the entire duration of your WOD.


For every lifter

“I enjoy walking around on crutches.” – No one ever

Have peace of mind by using FitCube to improve your form in real time. All you have to do is the heavy lifting.


My name is Mariano

and like many others, I was permanently injured lifting weights. A herniated disc in my spine stood between me and my normal life. I couldn’t work out for over a year, and I couldn’t even carry my own daughters.

All because I let my form slip.


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